What is Power Flushing?

Over time, central heating boilers and radiators in London can fill up with rust and metal deposits from the piping and fittings that eventually cause the boiler to be inefficient. Power flushing the boiler and central heating system in London involves emptying your system of existing dirty sludge-filled water and filling it with clean water and if required, a rust inhibitor is also added.

Pumping water at high speed through the heating system and reversing the flow to disturb and move silted grit is what happens during a Power Flush. Using cleansing chemicals, turbulence is created and the grit is removed and filtered out. The dirt filled water from your heating system is replaced with clean water and it is sent to a local drain. During the power flushing process, radiators are individually flushed, by directing the full output of the machine through each radiator, one at a time.

The heating system is connected to a pressurised pump that works loose the rust and as the sludge is removed from the radiators and boiler it is collected in a filter. The complete process takes hours for a typical house or apartment.

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Corrosion inhibitor which can help to prevent future internal rusting can be added once the radiators are clean. Finally we check the complete system to ensure that it is heating satisfactorily and that the boiler temperature is suitable.

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