Our core business is to Power Flush Radiators in London cleaning central heating and boilers systems and removing sludge and rust that can build up over years inside the boiler, radiators and piping. The central heating slowly clogs up and you end up paying high bills and with a central heating system that is not working efficiently.

As well as powerflushing boilers we also install central heating filters if needed to prevent future buildups in the system. Various problems are caused by blocked radiators and boilers ranging from cold radiators to noise in the pipes; below we list the most common central heating problems in London.

Typical Symptoms of sludge in Radiators & Boilers

  • Reduced hot water temperature
  • Radiators will heat unevenly, have cold spots or may not work at all leaving you with cold rooms
  • Central heating warm up from switch-on is very slow
  • Central heating pump fails regularly
  • Boiler fires up for central heating and than switches off
  • Hot water fluctuates between hot and cold

Powerflushing is a fast technical solution to resolve sludge and rust problems in radiators and usually will result in increased heat output from your radiators - for a no-obligation quote call us today on 0787 983 0257 or 0203 588 0095!

We operate to industry standards and practices leaving you with a cleaned radiator system.

Modern boilers can have heat exchangers that are extremely slim in design compared to years ago and even small bits of sludge or rust can cause partial blockages in the boiler heat exchanger. If you are fitting a new boiler in London, it is advisable to have the radiators power flushed as the boiler guarantee may require cleaning before a new boiler is fitted.

We are the experts in Power Flushing Radiators and Central heating in London.

London Radiator and Boiler Cleaning Services....

....power flushing is our business!

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